27 January 2018

St Andrews Sukhumvit 107’s Early Years Open Days 22ND, 23RD 24TH May, 2018.


Dear Parents

St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 cordially invites you to our Open Days to learn more about

our Early Years programme. Here’s what you can expect:


8am – 8.30am

Arrive at St Andrews 107 Reception Area (either front or back) for registration.

8.30am - 9am

Story time in our Primary library with one of our Early Years teachers.

9am - 9.45am

walk over to Early Years classrooms: Funky Fingers and Outdoor Play

9.45am - 10.30am

Curriculum based Provision/Math lesson in Reception Class

10.30am - 11am

School Tour with Linda Byrne Primary Principal

Tuesday May 22nd

Singing/Rhyme time in Nursery and KG classes 

Wednesday May 23rd

Outdoor Messy play for Nursery

Wednesday May 23rd

PE lesson for KG

Thursday May 24th

Observe a swimming lesson for Nursery


Join us for Summer Camp July 2nd – 26th

Get your children to join in the fun and learning of our Summer Camp too. Fees for Summer Camp will be deducted when you enrol in our school. Find out more here

To register or to find out more about our Open Days, contact:



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